• Joining our social club provides you with unique networking opportunities.  

  • All members are pre-screened following the initial application.

  • All members are innovative professionals dedicated toward making a positive contribution to the African American community via entrepreneurship, mentorship, and philanthropy.

  • Access to all Quarterly Collective Meetings (reserved space, seating, dinner, etc.).  

  • All members will have access to reduced pricing options for our annual retreats.

  • Access to exclusive members only events and outings.

  • As a member, you are also granted an opportunity to have access our investment club (upon approval).  

  • Access to exclusive meetings centered around leveraging political change as a means to provide equity for African-Americans.

  • Opportunity to promote Black owned businesses and services on a large scale.


The Black Men's Collective will also engage in philanthropy as a way to mentor young Black men who aspire to be entrepreneurs and investors in their community. The Board of Directors of the BMC will review applications for the Young Men's Collective and designate waived/reduced membership fees for up to three young men annually. 

  • Reserved for young African American men ages 17-23 years old. 

  • Slots are reserved for enterprising young high school and college students via application.

  • Must be enrolled or accepted into (high school seniors) a four year college/university.  

  • Young Men's Collective members are eligible for academic and service awards.  

  • Required lead the development of the next BMC generation by recruiting new scholars. 

  • Access to apply to receive one of our annual academic/service scholarships.  


The purpose of our Investment Club is to create wealth for its members and to push entrepreneurship and business ownership amongst African Americans.The club target is to reduce and slow down the negative effects of gentrification within current or historically predominantly Black areas. More information on the BMC Investment Club will be made available following membership application approval.

The Investment Club is a BMC Members ONLY opportunity. 

The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Malcolm X
Minister, Activist