The Black Men’s Collective began as an annual dinner for men in the Inland Empire initiated by D. Bing Turner.  The need to meet more frequently with added depth to the discussions was recognized by first time guest, Ian J. Eddy. From there, the partnership began to develop, and the Black Men's Collective became official soon there after. The first quarterly, satellite dinner discussion was held in downtown Los Angeles. Issues affecting Black men on the local and national level were discussed in a safe space among brothers. Yet, this was just the beginning. This annual dinner has grown in size, frequency, and influence to become a sustainable organization crafting real solutions in place to address the needs of the African-American community at large.


The Black Men's Collective serves to create a safe space for members to converse, build authentic relationships, and create wealth. We exist to empower members to address issues of relevance to Black Men can be with solution-oriented dialogue. Collectively we hope to not only discuss topics but to push initiatives that seek to resolve and create systemic change.


To collectively create opportunities that promote equity and access for African American men to change the landscape of their communities. 


A social club for Black men, committed to strengthening and building authentic relationships as a way to improve social, educational, and economic outcomes for the systemic revival of the African American community.

At the bottom of education, at the bottom of politics, even at the bottom of religion, there must be for our race economic independence.

Booker T. Washington
Presidential Advisor